Liverpool vs Norwich 4-1 (Highlights Download)

Liverpool vs Norwich City 4-1 Highlights Download 9 August 2019 Premier League

The first match of the season ends with the expected result but not necessarily with the obvious conclusions: Liverpool will not be especially pleased with their performance despite the emphatic scoreline, because Norwich practically gave them some of the goals and they themselves looked jittery at the back at times; meanwhile Norwich, while aghast at the defending in the first half, will not be too dispirited by a heavy defeat; they showed they can play and cause problems to top teams and, by the way they improved in the second half, they showed they have heart and are fast learners – they could stay up and they’re sure to entertain this season.




  1. Surefire way to get relegated is to concede goal after goal in quick succession. Norwich will get relegated fast if they keep shipping in goals at this rate

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